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Decades which influenced event design



With attendee attentions spans waining and an intensified competition to create memorable experiences, event design forms a crucial part in captivating your audience.

One way in looking for event design ideas and inspiration is looking back at our very exciting, exuberant history. We have chosen to concentrate on the roaring 20s, swinging 60s and the 1980s as we transport you back to each period and outline how you can translate certain elements into your next party planning experience.

The Roaring 20s.

The roaring 20s was a time of fashion, jazz, romanticism and unscrupulous activities. From the design of Art Deco, Futurism and Bauhaus – to the sartorial elegance of The Great Gatsby. From the Caberet and Burlesque style of Chicago and the Moulin Rouge to the glamorisation of a Birmingham based criminal gang, the Peaky Blinders. Not even forgetting, the suave, sophisticated yet mysterious prohibition influenced speakeasies, to the smooth tones and slick aesthetic of jazz!

So much of what we have become accustomed to today, was inspired from this era of extravagance. The 1920s have had a huge impact on the theming and event design over the years and it’s easy to see why. This was a time of prosperity, change, debauchery and the unravelling of decadence. It was an era of exploration, learning and creativity!

Thinking of hosting a 20s themed party? Some event design ideas to lightly garnish your event experience:

  • Burlesque inspired feather centrepieces.

  • Art Deco inspired place cards.

  • Deco decadence, chandeliers and champagne towers.

  • A speakeasy inspired bar and bartender to shake up some delicious prohibition-era cocktails.

  • Create an element of surprise, by utilising “undercover” waiters to either sing, act or dance.

  • Hire a photo booth and invest in some glamorous 20s inspired props. Think fancy hats and long pearl necklaces.

The Swinging 60s.

The swinging 60s! Known as a transitional period, full of changes, excitement and an explosion in youth culture. From hippies to mods and everything in between, the 60’s saw an array of bold fashion styles and a revolutionary change in the music scene.

As such an alternative decade, there are so many diverse event design ideas to take event inspiration from! Consider going down the line of flower power, hippie style, VW campers and tie-dye … to vinyl albums, pop art, shockingly luminous shades and multicoloured balloons.

Woodstock festival and the summer of love. Also, by the end of the decade bohemian style (otherwise known as boho chic) had come to prominence. This is characterised by natural fabrics, retro patterns, warm shades and embroideries. Boho chic is very on trend at the moment, however, whilst weddings are particularly influenced by the boho vibes, birthday parties can be too!

A combination of neutrals, pastels, rich hues, macrame props and rustic charm can create an eclectic, yet free-spirited elegance to your next event experience.

The 1980s (Generation X).

Follow the call of the disco ball – let’s rewind back to the 1980s! Known for its great pop culture, opulence and flamboyance, the 80s were a decade of contrasting colours, retro styling and futuristic design. Indeed, the Netflix series, Stranger Things along with hit singles such as Blinding Lights by the Weekend and Hypnotised by Purple Disco Machine, has thrown elements of the decade back into the neon limelight with their luminous aesthetic and 80s vibes.

However, whilst nostalgia for the decade is evidently growing stronger, will we see an event design resurgence?! We think so, and have outlined some event styling ideas to help catapult your next event “back to the future”.

  • Neon light features (check our extensive range!)

  • Glow in the dark decor.

  • Tape cassette placards.

  • LED dance floor.

  • Luminous use of colours through uplighting.

  • Geometrical shapes.

  • Metallic tablecloths.

  • Ghetto blaster/Rubik’s cube props.

Have you ever considered creating a themed night of extravagance and indulgence? As event and party planners we love fusing elements of nostalgia in crafting experiences, combing multiple ideas to take your event to the next level!

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✍️ Gareth.


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