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The Canapé Conundrum



During the festive season when we are all sampling an array of canapés you may come to think - How hard can it be to master these miniature masterpieces? Indeed, what makes a canapé a good canapé? What makes a canapé experience invitingly indulgent rather than utterly uninspired?

The “humble” canapé can be the perfect platform to revolve the beginning of your event around. If successfully utilised it is a blank canvas which can be used to ignite your creative flair and fashion a symphony of flavours to impress even the most discerning of tastebuds. An edible soliloquy to fuel a party, ease the awkward conversation at the beginning of an event and showcase a snapshot of the event to come (with gatherings looking smaller than ever this winter, more attention will be invested into those little details!)

Moreover, these bite-sized nuggets have undergone somewhat of a revolution over the years having transformed into amuse-bouche like morsels which may taste great but often create a concoction of confusion – was that prawn, pork or nuts !?! – You go to ask the waiter who gazes at you with a perplexity on par with the complexity of the canapé ingredient list.

Soon you are greeted by two guests from a bygone era – the well dressed “Devils on Horseback” and the scantily clad “Cheese Straw” – festive classics you may say. However, a prune robed in bacon, unless immediately disrobed has the ability to cause a roomful of facial contortions, whilst a cheese straw loves nothing more than to shed its flaky strudel-like skin all over the floor.

How many times have you been to an event whereby the canapé you have just engulfed is so volcanically hot that you have to swiftly search around for the nearest serviette .. or alternatively they are too big for your mouth, containing some kind of filing that drools down your chin and subsequently makes your shirt look like a Jackson Pollock masterpiece. Saying this, however, these issues can easily be ironed out and once you have fused together the right mix of simplicity, practicality and creativity, the canapé can prove to be a superb start to your next event.

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✍️ Gareth.


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