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Watch and wedding couple. Timeline for wedding planning.

Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline | Jersey

You’ve heard it before, but planning is essential to ensure your wedding runs smoothly. Whilst you won’t need a minute by minute schedule (it will just make everything more stressful!) you will want a basic, yet detailed wedding day timeline in providing an overview of the event and ensuring your celebration has a wonderful flow to it.

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Fun image of bride and groom corks to illustrate guidance for wedding planning in Jersey during Covid-19

Current COVID-19 Jersey wedding guidance

In light of recent announcements, we have seen a gradual shift in Jersey wedding guidance and one that represents a glimmer of optimism for couples. However, it is easy to become rather confused with the ever changing restrictions, and we have therefore provided some transparency on the main details of our current situation. So, where do we stand now?

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2020 A review of a rollercoaster year in event management and wedding planning services.

2020, An event planning review of a rollercoaster year.

If you asked me one word to describe 2020, it would be rollercoaster. Well, at least that’s the polite way I would phrase it. A year that started with so much promise within the events and wedding industry in Jersey quickly transcended into a whirlwind of postponements, cancellations and frustration.

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A wedding guest eating a canape. Stunning catering.

The Canapé Conundrum

During the festive season when we are all sampling an array of canapés you may come to think – How hard can it be to master these miniature masterpieces? Indeed, what makes a canapé a good canapé? What makes a canapé experience invitingly indulgent rather than utterly uninspired?

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