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5 Reasons To Hire A Luxury Island Fever Flower Wall



Let’s chat flower walls. Ever since Kayne West and Kim Kardashian’s got married in front of 20 foot walls of ivory coloured fresh flowers in 2014, flower walls continue to be a popular wedding décor choice. The trend shows no sign of stopping and continues to be a craze in the event and wedding world.

Thankfully, unlike the cost of Kim and Kanye’s floral pièce de résistance (estimated at being an eye-watering $133,000) you won’t have to remortgage the house in creating that ultra elegant look! But why should you have one? Here’s 5 reasons why hiring a flower wall for your celebration or wedding day is something that you (probably) didn’t know you had to have!

1) They create an immediate impact – And they’re so pretty!

Flower Walls = WOW factor. When planning your wedding or event you want something that not only strikes up conversation amongst your guests but looks incredible too. You want your decor to be stylish and notable, not completely forgettable. Our flower walls not only are multi layered but you will notice have each side covered which enhances their aesthetic impact.

Combine with one of our neon signs (we have twelve options to choose from) and you’re ready to party! Who would have thought elegant florals and retro illumination would be such a winning combination? Gorgeous by day, glowing by night.

2) Oh So Versatile.

You may ask, although our flower walls look blooming gorgeous, what can they actually be used for?

The great thing is, flower walls are incredibly versatile! They can not only enhance your colour choices, but can be incorporated in a myriad of different ways.

For weddings, for example, couples may decide to:

  • Position the flower wall behind their top or cake cutting table. Two perfect locations to get some amazing photos, and create a gorgeous focal point.

  • As a statement ceremony backdrop. Consider placing our cherry blossom trees either side of the flower wall, elevated on our white oak pillars, draped with hanging glass baubles with candles and scattered rose petals.

  • Have the flower wall at the entrance to their venue. A real guest pleaser – Insta worthy photos galore!

  • Aligning the dance floor or behind the DJ. Add some lighting too! What better way to get the party started than illuminating the dance floor with one of our retro neons?

  • Create a luxury backdrop for their photo booth snaps. It’s not just how you look, it’s the background details and all the stunning finishing touches around it! Creating a space where both you and your guests can pose for photos that is stylish and elegant is guaranteed to produce great content – both for your photo album and also for social media.

  • Or perhaps creating something a little different. Such as utilising the flower wall as a gorgeous backdrop for your seating plan or clipping on photos of your love story together.

There are just as many way in which to fuse your flower wall into other celebrations (whether birthdays, baby showers, charity or corporate too!) Versatility has never looked so good!

3) Cost Effective.

Our luxury flower walls are the ultimate statement piece that’ll provide total bang for your buck! The quality and the intricate details of our hand crafted silk flower walls are second to none and has had many admirers questioning whether they are real flowers!

There is also a huge differential on price – a real flower wall will cost in the many thousands, whilst ours will set you back a small percentage of that. With the rich layers of depth and volume, you honestly can’t tell the difference when creating that eye catching statement.

4) The Ultimate Master of Disguise.

Nearly all venues will have a corner or area of the room that may need some sprucing up. Whether it be creating a screen for the catering walkway or diverting your guests attention from an ugly fireplace, utilising a flower wall can transform an unsightly space into the focus of the room.

5) Make your brand or party STAND OUT!

Want to make a statement at your corporate event or gala dinner? Consider incorporating your company branding on our flower walls.

Try to think of one of our backdrops as an opportunity to portray a message. Your guests won’t need an excuse to take photos in front of our gorgeous blooms and before you know it these will be shared on social media. Not only adding some aesthetic zest to your event but also promoting your brand.

Or for the ultimate WOW factor, neon signs are bang on trend at the moment. We can have bespoke flex neons made at affordable prices and investing in one means you can either re-use or take home a keepsake from your memorable day.

We currently have three flower walls within our hire collection. Whether you choose the timeless and elegant Chantilly Blanc backdrop, the garden oasis of Elisabeth Rose or the enchanting glamour of Luxe Allure we can always guarantee the quality of our items and the sparkling smiles they produce.

Have we convinced you? You can go petal to the metal and view our wedding and event decoration.

How would you use one of our flower walls at your wedding or next celebration?

Email – Phone – 07797826550

✍️ Gareth.


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