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7 Ways to Make the Most of your Event Entertainment.

Choosing the right event entertainment is key to planning and delivering a successful event. Entertainment has a way of working magic on people! Whether a corporate event or private party, below we have complied seven ways in which you can make the most of your Jersey event entertainment.

1) Welcome guests with Meet & Greet characters.

Provide your event guests a taste of the excitement to follow. Whether it's stationed at an entrance or mingling with the crowds, they can interact with all the attendees - making them feel welcome and interested from the start.

2) Engage, Engage, ENGAGE!

Entertainment is instrumental in encouraging guests to interact. Good entertainment helps guests have fun. When guests have fun, they engage better with others and learn more. In turn, the energy of the event increases and the mood becomes a very positive one!

3) Entertainment should REFLECT your VALUES and VISION (and the event itself!)

Event entertainment that is in line with the image of your Company will have a positive impression on your guests. Allow it to showcase your vision and the message your are trying to deliver.

4) Entertainment helps REACH potential clients.

A successful event is one that people talk about afterwards! Good entertainment will make your event stand out in the minds of those in attendance, who will, in turn, spread your message and reach out to potential clients in the future.

5) Incorporate STORYTELLING.

Surprise and delight is a great way to engage guests and drip feeding entertainment helps guests stay interested.

Walkabout entertainment acts make fantastic, interactive and impactful entertainment. There are SO many options to fuse with your Jersey event theme too! Stiltwalkers, singing waiters, living statues, dancers ...

6) Ice Breaker.

For longer events it is especially important to break the ice - providing guests with common ground and a talking point.

Consider some event entertainment to soften your attendees and give them an opportunity to feel more connected from the outset.

Each event organised has a purpose (whether it be celebratory, welcoming, educational, sorrow or promotion). The most important part is ensuring your entertainment puts energy back into the experience and seamlessly delivers your message.

7) VIVA LA Photo booth.

Let's face it photo booths are SO much fun! They are a place for your imagination to run wild and your guests to connect and laugh with one another.

Many can be customised (to promote your business branding) and are an excellent way to give your guests a small memento once the lights turn on and the music stop.

Considering a photo booth? Why not entertain your guests at your next event and check out our rockstar of a photo booth, Monocle?

Entertainment is often pivotal to the success of your event. Whether it's delivering a message, igniting engagement, increasing energy, creating impact, capturing attention and of course bringing a whole lot of fun (the list goes on!) it is important to cherry pick the right entertainment for your event experience.

Jersey is blessed with a wealth of talent within the industry and the creativity continues to soar. As Jersey event planners we work with with these companies on a continual basis and always strive to source the right entertainment for each event we organise.

It is important to set the tone, keep the momentum and finish with a flourish! The best events are the ones that your guest list tell everyone about - let us ensure its an experience to remember!


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