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Ask the experts. Lost in Music. Beau Waugh and James Walton. What to ask your wedding musician.



Are you lost in music? Caught in a trap, what’s the soundtrack, Lost in music? 🎶 A mildly edited line from Sister Sledge classic, however you get my drift - choosing the songs and creating the right rhythm for your wedding day can be a challenge.


for the second episode of Ask the Experts, we are joined by two extremely talented musicians in Beau Waugh and James Walton in helping us to navigate our way through the next stage in our series – What to ask your wedding musician. Both are available to hire either as solo musicians, or can pump up the volume as a duo in providing the soundtrack to your special day.

With the assistance of some of the finest in the industry, our current blog series not only poses the questions, but aims to assist you in navigating through your wedding planning adventure. So let us begin … Beau and James,

How long before my wedding should I enquire into hiring you?

As soon as possible really, as Covid has moved bookings that were originally placed in 2020 into 2021 we are finding our calendars are extremely busy already.

Are you able to help provide ideas for our soundtrack on the day?

James – Yes of course and have done previously for couples that are unsure what they would really like on their big day. I have a sample playlist that I can provide on request. Beau – Yes of course. I have an extensive set list ranging from the 50’s to present day, which couples are always free to choose from.

Is it necessary for us to arrange a wedding musician meeting?

James – If I am providing music for the whole day, and the couple feels like they would like to, I often do. I feel like it helps me personally gauge exactly what the couple would like and make sure all the minor logistics are covered too. But I leave it entirely at the couples discretion. Beau – Usually arrangements can be made via e-mail, phone or video call, although I am always happy to meet on a face to face basis. I will always be on hand to answer any questions leading up to the big day.

What should couples bring with them to the initial wedding musician meeting or discussions with you?

Any ideas, musical preferences, rough ideas of the timing of events throughout the day. None of these things are essential but would help.

How can couples on a limited budget incorporate having live music by a wedding musician?

We would suggest just having live music at either the reception or ceremony and not both would help to keep costs down but still make it special and personal.

Where in Jersey could couples potentially catch you performing live prior to booking you?

James Once COVID restrictions are lifted, I play once a month at Lockes for their Friday night Lock-tails evenings. I also play at various local hotels frequently. Best to follow me on social media for updates.

Beau I frequently play at various well-known venues and hotels around the island. As a duo, we play at The Pomme dO’r, The Grand Hotel and at various others. Also, festivals during the summer.

Do you provide your own equipment?


How do you get people off their seats and on to the dance floor?!

Although we enjoy providing laid back soundtracks, we also enjoy ramping things up, belting out the classics and having you dancing till you drop!

Are you willing to learn specific songs for my wedding ceremony?

JamesOf course and have played a number of requests for aisle songs or first dance


BeauYes, this is a common request and I will always do my best to accommodate.

✺ What genres can you cover?

JamesPop, Rock, Soul, Easy-Listening, Neo-Soul, Blues, Funk, RnB, Jazz.

Beau Wide and varied and suited to the occasion.

If you had to pick one song to play at a wedding (or event), what would it be?

JamesThat’s a very hard question – down to preference and the vibe of the situation. One of my favourite love songs is ‘You are so beautiful’ by Billie Preston (made famous by Joe Cocker)

Beau This is a tough one and completely context dependent. I always enjoy playing a slowed down version of “it must be love” by Madness at weddings, and you can never go wrong with a bit of ‘Sweet Caroline” after a few bubbles.

Whilst you can both be hired as solo musicians, can you also perform as a duo act?

Yes, we can indeed!

Do you have some links of your performing for clients or couples?

✺ What do you enjoy most about performing at wedding?

JamesIt’s always a great atmosphere, everyone is always overjoyed at a wedding and I’m sure once weddings are permitted to happen again the relief and happiness will be on a whole new level for all the couples and guests included.

BeauIt is always an honour to be asked to perform at an event no matter what the occasion and it’s something I never take for granted. I’ve come to realise that you have a unique vantage point from behind the microphone and watching someone’s event and special day unfold before your eyes is always a beautiful thing, as is knowing that you are doing your bit to enhance the occasion.


You might be surprised

by how much music really does feature on your wedding day. Whilst, the soundtrack to your wedding starts as everyone begins being seated at the ceremony, you may also consider having your wedding musician play at your drinks reception, creating a background ambience to your wedding breakfast and of course, at the evening party. There is quite simply a big playlist to plan, but with professionals like Beau and James on your side, rest assured the rhythm to your soundtrack will hit the high notes.

Both James and Beau come highly recommended. You can contact James on 07797 734999 or, or Beau, / 07829855477.


Let’s create something spectacular.

Would you like our assistance in planning the Jersey wedding of your dreams? Our close islandwide relationships with event professionals such as Beau and James helps us to connect those we trust most to the anthem of your special day. We offer a free, no obligation wedding planning meeting to all couples and offer a range of services tailored to your requirements. Why party like a pigeon, when you can #partylikeapeacock?

Email – Phone – 07797826550

✍️ Gareth.


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