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Ask the experts. The power of flowers. JM Emporium. What to ask your wedding florist.



When you picture your wedding florals what do you see? An array of colourful cascading blooms? Simple hues complimenting your space? Bright, vibrant bouquets bursting with seasonal flowers? Or rustic centrepieces that combine nature and wild greenery? Decor brings you wedding to life …

and the flowers you choose will form an integral brushstroke in painting the cohesive picture you are trying to create. By pinning photos and breaking down trimmings a good wedding florist will start being able to assist you in craft the floral framework for your wedding.

Have you ever wondered what you should be asking your wedding florist or what you many need to bring along to your first meeting? We’ve got you covered and went petal to the metal in posing some floral infused questions to the very talented Jo from JM Emporium to tell you all you need to know!

Jo – How long before my wedding should I contact you?

The earliest you can the better. Once you know your date, venue and have a few ideas aside in regards to colour theme, style and decor to avoid disappointment. This is especially important if you are going for a late Spring / Summer wedding as those dates will always be the most popular ones.

What should we bring to our first wedding florist meeting? Pinterest images? Colour scheme ideas?

We’re here to help relieve any decor doubts or worries you may have especially if you are feeling a bit lost with what flowers could go together and what can help make your venue extra gorgeous and special. Just like any bride we know you’ve been browsing the web and Pinterest – bring along with you any visuals that have caught your eye, specific fabrics (ribbon or other that you may want included). After our first meeting, we will also provide a mood board for you to look over what flowers we suggest for your colour theme and style. If you have a budget in mind this will also help us to provide you with ideas to suit your finances and how to get the best out of it.

Is it best if I can provide you with a budget to work around at our initial meeting?

As weddings can easily add up, if you have been able to divide across your different suppliers a budget for each, we will be able to advise you on how to get the most out of it and what could fit while creating your dream wedding. We will provide you with a quote and mood boards to look over too.

Will you be able to help me come up with some ideas if I’m not sure of which flowers I want?

A key factor in our meeting whether this be over the phone, email or in person is once we have your colour theme and style we will provide you with a mood board featuring what flowers we suggest can go together as well as different table decor ideas, bouquets and buttonhole styles and more.

What recommendations can you give me to maximise my budget but create a stunning visual impression? Greenery rather than florals? Using in season flowers?

Depending on your venue, maximise your budget by using foliage to bulk out garlands for example as well as plants to cover any empty spaces as these can be displayed around other props you want at your wedding. As a bonus with plants they can be either gifted to your guests as keepsakes or as a reminder of your special day in your home. Use flowers in key features such as your bouquets, buttonholes and where you know you have those gorgeous pictures to remind you of your big day.

Do you have wedding florist packages or are your services all bespoke/customised?

As flowers vary over seasons with variety and prices, we prefer to create more bespoke weddings and therefore do not have set packages. We do of course have a start up set price list for bouquets, buttonholes ect. as well as a wide range of props that we reuse and therefore prices for these do not change.

Is there a specific floral style you specialise in?

A good florist will accommodate the style you may want. I would have to say a style that I love to create is very bohemian and wild. Whether this be colourful or whites and greens the wildness makes the arrangements look freshly picked and full of character.

What other décor elements or props can you provide for my wedding?

For your wedding decor we can suggest a wide range of props from candle stick holders, lanterns, vases to arches and backdrops. We can also help source in items to suit your theme if one of our existing props does not suit.

What time will you start setting up for our wedding? And will you be able to deliver our bouquets/buttonholes?

Prior to your big day, we will arrange with both yourself and the venue on a set up time as well as where you may want your bouquets and buttonholes delivered (this can of course be 2 different locations).

What questions are you likely to ask me at our wedding florist meeting?

At our first meeting my key questions for couples are:

If you haven’t already provided it, your wedding date and venue. How many bridesmaids you are going to have and groomsmen (this is so that I can get an idea of how many bouquets and buttonholes you may be wanting or an alternative.) If you have a budget in mind and what theme / colours you are going for. A question I usually ask is whether you have had any thoughts on table and ceremony decor. However fear not if you are still in early stages of planning and have no idea yet on the number of tables, shape and other as we can continue to discuss this through our next meetings.

What are your favourite flowers to use and why do you love working within the wedding industry?

As a florist it is so hard to pick a favourite flower as there are just so many that are gorgeous! As part of my mood board I will suggest what flowers can suit your style bouquet, season and theme. I do, however, love working with eucalyptus and wax flower simply because the fragrance that comes from both of these makes me feel happy. If you do have any specifics you want included we will try our best to do so depending on if the season allows for it and if our suppliers have it available for your date.

“There is something truly special …

in meeting my couples and getting to know you to help create your decor. Knowing I have helped be a part in your day is very unique and special. My favourite parts would be the delivery of the bouquets and buttonholes seeing the bride and groom get ready and the love / excitement that goes into that day makes me feel fuzzy inside.

Thank you so much to Jo for her valuable advice and wonderful words of wedding wisdom! Her answers hopefully provide a really insightful and helpful first port of call for couples looking to get married soon. If you are making wedding plans – be sure to check out the JM Emporium website or you can contact Jo on 01534 857557 /


We are a big believer in experiences being governed by our senses too. The utilisation of different shades, smells and varieties of flowers are key players in creating a sensory smorgasbord at your wedding. The vibrancy they bring and the fragrance they release, form a crucial role in not only creating a palpable palette of colour but also a subtle seasonal aroma to your occasion.

However, the key element is in translating couples personalities into details – therefore making your wedding memorable and bespoke to you. A good use of flowers and decor (and the advice from a good wedding florist like Jo) will help achieve your vision whilst expressing your personalities through your wedding theme. If you have fun constructing the visual elements of your wedding that’s a bonus and will ensure you end up with a picture that encapsulates your journey and your love story.

How do you envisage the florals, theme and decor at your wedding? Or do you have any tips or ideas to share which made your wedding day stand out? Let us know – we would love to hear from you!

Email – Phone – 07797826550

✍️ Gareth.


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