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Celebrate in style! Five New Year’s Eve party themes to ring in 2023



Planning a party? Five NYE party themes to contemplate. It’s almost that time of year again! If there’s one night to dress up and get those dancing shoes on, it’s welcoming in the New Year.

However, before the clock strikes midnight, lips are locked, and you hear that celebratory, reverberative sound of “pop, fizz, clink”, you might want to consider some amazing party themes to help bring together elements of your party.

A well designed party theme can be a great way of not only fusing elements of your event together, but also creating a memorable impression. And, who doesn’t want to roll in the New Year reminiscing of a night that will live long in the memory?

Well, get that confetti ready, as we’ve compiled some of the the best New Year’s Eve party ideas to spark your New Year celebrations to another dimension.

1) Roaring 20s.

“Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can!” In the words of Jay Gatsby himself, why not recreate an era synonymous with decadence, glamour, romanticism and debauchery in roaring in the New Year!

Transform your house (or venue) into a glamorous hangout, with large white boa feathers, tones of black and gold, accents of the art deco era and a use of lighting that’ll create a warm, sensual yet, electric environment.

Dare to dazzle? The 1920s has to be one of the greatest eras when it comes to fashion. Think flapper dresses, glitzy 1920s outfits and feathered headbands for ladies, whilst gents sophisticatedly suited. Oh, and as you all look so glam, why not consider capturing those memories with a vintage Photo Booth and glitter backdrop?!

Shhh! Prohibition was also a well known component of the 1920s era. Roll with the mysteriousness of the speakeasy, consider hiring a mixologist to shake up some classic cocktails, or go uber opulent by creating a champagne tower.

Entertainment wise you might need something a little more substantial than a gramophone to appease the ears. Consider a playlist of jazz, swing or if your feeling extra adventurous create an element of surprise, by utilising “undercover” waiters to either sing, act or .. jive out to the Charleston!

By Jove, Old Sport, it sounds like quite the party!

2) Bubbles and Bow Ties.

Fasten your bowtie (if you have one) and wonder through a spherical world of champagne, balloons and caviar for this sophisticated black-tie soiree. Very glam!

From a design aesthetic consider creating some monochrome magic, whilst paying homage to the playful, bubbly nature of the evening. If you’re having a seated meal, integrate a bow tie into your table scaping and combine with a canopy of balloons gently floating above your table.

Go one step further on your orbing adventures, by creating a cascading entrance to the event, or designing a pearlescent backdrop with balloons filled with iridescent coloured glitter.

Sounds like one rather elegantly effervescent evening! Top up the champers, add a little sparkle and toast the arrival of 2023 in the most bubbly way possible..

3) Mad Hatter Party Theme.

“We’re all mad here, you’ll fit right in!” Step through an unassuming door and take a trip down the rabbit hole in immersing yourself in a whimsical wonderland for your NYE celebrations. This theme allows your to let your creativity run wild – the more eclectic the better!

In creating your visually alluring wonderland, consider hiring a number of outlandish props – from wonky picture frames, to alarm clocks, to playing cards, to pocket watches, to blossom trees infused with delicate butterflies. Installing a chequered dance floor will not only provide a great focal point, but also an open invitation to truly get your guests shuffling as the clock approaches midnight. Not forgetting, a good use of uplighting will also help create a sensory, immersive experience for your guests!

If you are planning on a seated dinner, then consider woodland centrepieces tinged with greenery, succulents (even a moss table runner) with coloured lanterns suspended above the table in creating that audaciously unbalanced aesthetic. Rustic, long tables roll perfectly with the theme.

Why not hire either prepare some cocktails or hire a mixologist for the evening? These delicious and colourful infusions can then be served out of kitsch tea cups to your guests. Serve canapés on cake stands and also fuse the theatrics into the dining experience. Remember the MADder the BETTER.

Entertainment wise, have elaborately attired stilt walkers greet your guests, jugglers, dancers or event a gloriously eccentric mad hatter host. So, get imaginative and enter 2023 as mad as a hatter!

4) Time Traveler’s Ball.

Jump in your time machine and teleport your guests to bygone era! Either choose a decade (and have your guests dress accordingly) or invite them to take on their own inspiration and fill the room with an eclectic mix of styles, colours and uniqueness.

Consider food and drinks from a specific timeframe or transport your guests into a veritable smorgasbord of historical, culinary delights. Entertainment wise, travel down a path from 20s jazz, to 50s jive, to groovy 70s up to the present day as the clock strikes midnight.

Make the event an encapsulation of times gone by. Much of the creativity will come through your elaborately attired guests who will immerse the room into a sea of intrigue. Who says flappers, Renaissance garbed individuals and bohemian clothed hippies can’t be in the same place at once?!

5) Masquerade Party Theme.

Sensual, mysterious, elegant and glamorously decadent. Life is a mystery, so why not call in 2023 as a sexy enigma yourself?

Commit to your fantasy down to every detail. Invite your guests to dress in captivating costume (think lace, bejewelled fabrics and feathered featured). Gents should arrive suavely suited and consider extravagant details (think elaborate pocket square, perhaps). Not forgetting the pièce de résistance of the ultra glam party – a unique, and intricately detailed venetian mask. Ensure you choose one that captures your personality as you’ll be disguised behind it for much of the night!

Ensure food and drinks served are both decadent and delicious. Whilst the champagne flows, excite your guests tastebuds with a multitude of oozing flavours – consider exotic tastes or devilishly divine hors d’oeuvres that’ll be sure tantalise.

Keep the lighting smooth and daringly low. Utilise uplighting and candlelight to accentuate the theatre of the room. Consider baroque decor – feathers, beads and ornate centrepieces which will also add to the allure of the evening.

Whilst music should initially be kept soft (to scintillate conversation) ignite the volume and entertainment later on to spark your New Year’s party into a lively, fearless crescendo.. Happy New Year!

What theme would you choose to roar in 2023? Let’s make event magic! Contact and let’s get that party started!

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✍️ Gareth.


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