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Event Planning Proposal. Giving you a flavour of your event!

Girls with disco balls partying

Your event planning proposal - whilst it sounds rather uninspiring in normal terms, is an important document we craft for each of our clients which gives you a flavour, a vision… a spice to what can be achieved.

Prior to creating each document, we meet with our prospective clients. Here, we will draw a clear understanding of your Jersey event expectations and provide you with ideas on how we can elevate your event experience.

Questions we may ask in our initial meeting, for example:

  • Type of event.

  • Purpose of the event.

  • Budget.

  • Guest numbers.

  • Preferred date and Jersey event venue locations (we will provide options).

  • Whether you have an idea on your theme, colour or the atmosphere you would like to create.

  • Top three must haves or ‘non-negotiables’.

  • What food options would you like to offer guests?

  • Suppliers that will likely be required at your event.

  • What you hope to accomplish with your event

Monochrome party planning brief

You may also have some ideas or Pinterest inspiration you will want to share. We will be happy to share images of previous work or our an overview of past events and our experience within the Jersey event industry.

Subsequent to our meeting, we will begin crafting your bespoke proposal for the event. This provides a flavour of the experience, tells a story, and through our expertise, what can be achieved!

In addition to reintroducing ourselves, our event proposals tend to include:

  • Descriptive writing.

  • Rich visuals.

  • Comprehensive logistics.

Our event proposals are bespoke to each client we meet. Individuality is the essential ingredient which will make the event memorable! Both attractive and informative, our aim is to guide you through the event planning process in a comprehensive and detail orientated document.

a visual moodboard

Furthermore, we are a creative bunch here at Island Fever - so expect a cutting layout with relevant imagery which will help engage and inspire.

The overview of the event will form the backbone of the proposal. Here we will showcase how we can align our vision with your expectations to create a cohesive and successful experience. This will likely include:

cocktails and canapes

  • Goals inc. details / expectations.

  • Project time frame.

  • Venue options.

  • Supplier recommendations based on your vision / budget.

  • Theme, colour and styling ideas inc. reference photos, mood boards and a colour palette.

Finally, your event budget. We know that transparency is key. We will create a detailed summary of how much we believe each element of the event will cost - by discussing your budget at the outset we can prevent any miscommunication down the line.

design of event floor plan

Our event planning proposal will stay with us throughout the projects development. From framework to completion - we use it to streamline the event management process and stay on top of suppliers, budgets (and more!)


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