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Jersey wedding planning. Seating – Pros and Cons of Round vs Long tables.



It can seem so simple, but when wedding planning it is really important to consider table options and seating arrangements. Tables (and ultimately the structure of your space) might not initially be something you think about, but they not only help determine the design but also the ambiance of your wedding reception!

Wedding planning seating – To help you consider which type of seating might ultimately be the choice for your event or wedding, I have provided an overview and some pros/cons of each seating arrangement to assist with your wedding planning decision making.

BANQUET style seating.

To banquet, or not to banquet.. that is the question..

When it comes to your wedding reception, there are a number of factors to assess when deciding on your seating options/layout.

For those hosting a large wedding, long banquet tables provide a modern, intimate edge to your wedding reception. The linear geometrics certainly create an impressive insta worthy aesthetic and create that WOW factor.

But what are the pros and cons with a banquet style seating arrangement?


✵ Communal and intimate. ✵ Easily customisable and provide great layout flexibility. For instance, they can easily be connected to one another or into a horseshoe structure. ✵ Create a more casual environment. ✵ Modern and elegant. Angles, straight lines rather than curvature. ✵ Generally easier to decorate. By aligning florals/decor down the centre you immediately create a lush landscape. You can have one magnificent runner too! ✵ Better for a large wedding in a tight space as you can usually fit more guests into a room if you use them. ✵ Substantial floral ceiling installations can look pretty epic over a banquet table. Although hopefully you won’t spend too long staring at the ceiling!


✵ They tend to look better in larger spaces (like a marquee or jersey heritage venue). ✵ The entire seating plan can be sent astray should a guest not turn up. An empty space on a long table can look very noticeable. ✵ It can make it harder to socialise as you have to interact with those in the section you are seated in. ✵ Table legs can cause the odd bump, so ensure there is room between each guest! ✵ Many prefer the more traditional round table layout.


✵ Imagine a dance floor in the middle of your space? Connecting banquet tables can make that first dance seriously intimate! ✵ If you are not going with a top table, you could consider sitting in the centre of one long banquet table, nestled amongst your nearest and dearest. ………. Deviating from the “traditional” layout is one of the simplest ways to make your reception stand out. Just ensure it’s practical for your guest list and your venue!

Round Tables.

Classic and practical – round tables are generally the most popular option for wedding receptions and the answer for many couples who want to take the more traditional route on their wedding day. Whilst you won’t see them popping all over Pinterest in the same way as banquet tables, if you want a timeless aesthetic then you can’t go wrong with a classic seating layout.

But what are the pros and cons with a round classic style seating arrangement?


✵ Traditional. ✵ Venues will nearly always have at least one or two variations (you can do different sizes to accommodate your guest list too). ✵ Better for irregular shaped rooms. ✵ You can create a great visual impact with single centrepieces. Additionally, you don’t necessarily need consistency in design. ✵ Tend to be more cost effective (venue availability, single centrepieces). ✵ If one person is a no show it won’t not throw off your seating arrangement. ✵ Great for socialising – guests can easily converse with one another whilst they are likely to become “boxed in” on long tables.


✵ Not as hip/on-trend as long table seating. ✵ They don’t fit neatly against walls – something to consider if you are getting married at a smaller venue. ✵ Prone to “random table” syndrome, where you have an amalgamation of single guests you have invited but they need to be shuffled onto a separate table and small talk ensues. ✵ Aesthetically, round tables offer less flexibility with your table design, so you can potentially be more limited in your creativity.

Deciding the details of your wedding reception takes lots of time and thought… and your seating layout is no exception! It will not only help determine the structure of your space, but also has the ability to transform the visual impact of your venue.

Not forgetting, many couples even consider deviating from these table configuration norms. Harmonising round with long tables can make your visuals stand out further in creating a stylish, eclectic look. Round or banquet what would you choose?

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✍️ Gareth.


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