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The Craft of White Collar Darts



Well, who could believe that just over 6 months ago we were organising an event for over 500? It is fair to say Brighter Futures White Collar Darts propelled for the bullseye, and rustled up quite the darting storm! How times have changed since then… but reminiscing on such incredible occasions, makes you realise the power events have of bringing everyone together. White Collar Darts was a concept that once seemed unimaginable and completely farfetched. It was a colossal challenge, which faced many an obstacle, yet soared to acclamation amongst those that attended – but what went behind the craft of White Collar Darts for Brighter Futures? We have collated seven picture based elements from the evening which showcase some of the planning of this extraordinary event – one which had never been done anywhere before.


As with every event we coordinate, precision is paramount – You have to be the master of meticulousness!

One example, with White Collar Darts (as a start up concept) was that a lot of focus was on the timings, the formula, the event itinerary – how could we orchestrate an event with flawless fluidity when there are so many different components to it?

We ensured timings were immaculately structured so that each of our sixteen participants not only had an incredible experience at the oche, but that we also maintained the attention of a captivated audience.

If you also factor in different fundraising initiatives, the drinks reception, the three course meal, the videography, the walk ons, the band … and more … you’ve got quite the action packed evening on your hands!


The venue is everything when it comes to events – the layout, the location, the amenities, the accessibility, the acoustics, the general ambience are a few factors that will either sway or dismay clients.

Due to the attendance of WCD2020 (over 500 guests) our options were rather limited! However, by utilising the main hall at the Royal Jersey Showground we knew we had a theatre that could not only encapsulate all the drama of the evening, but also cater for each of our guests requirements. We used Marquee Solutions to “kit-out” the space and by blacking-out all windows we also created the dramatic darting amphitheatre that was desired.

Fundraising and Charitable Purpose

There must be a moment at which the event grabs the audiences attention and makes each person attending aware of the cause being supported, the Charity’s importance in the community and, above all, the importance of the contribution by those attending.

Through the passionate Brighter Futures introduction, speeches and infographics that were delivered it was ensured that there was a unifying emotional moment to connect everyone. Not only, that but the Brighter Futures team were on-site throughout – whether it be directing guests to their tables, selling tickets, presenting prizes or being on hand to help ensure the event ran in flawless fruition … it was essential that Brighter Futures were at the forefront of proceedings. We helped assist that not only a platform be developed but also invaluable funds be raised so that they could continue their incredible work in helping numerous families on the Island.

Also, rather than adopting the standard raffle/auction set up, the “Golden Dart Challenge” was crafted, whereby members of the audience would buy tickets for their chance of glory at the oche! A bit different, but it certainly enhanced audience participation and complimented the theming of the evening.

We were thrilled to hear that White Collar Darts was a huge fundraising success not only in the run up to the event (through player sponsorship/table selling) but also on the evening, with over 61k raised for families in Jersey!


⚡️Simply Electric⚡️ One of the crucial factors in a holding a successful event is to achieve the “perfect atmosphere.” The atmosphere you want to achieve is wholly dependant on the particular event you are orchestrating. With White Collar Darts we wanted our guests to become suitably relaxed (through the drinks reception/three course meal) and gradually build up the atmospheric momentum. We not only ensured that WCD2020 had an engaging narrative but also that various elements would enhance the audiences experience – whether this be carefully selected music, Delta transforming the venue through lighting (and in turn intensifies the visual impact) or our MC who who’s vivid personality captured the evening perfectly. Also, almost every table was connected to one of the sixteen players in the room… each table therefore roared their respective player on at every throw, aligned the walk ways of which they waltzed to the oche and shared the emotions of the evening with them!

There is no single action you can take that will conjure the ideal atmosphere. However, through careful planning and management of a combination of factors, we coordinated an atmosphere that was attune to the audience/event crafted.


Good Food .. Good Wine .. Good Friends .. Good Times .. The love of food is a universal experience and whether bespoke or buffet, choosing the right catering services is an essential component of any event.

With White Collar Darts, all guests were welcomed with a champagne reception (kindly donated to Brighter Futures by Randalls), whilst Harper’s orchestrated and delivered the catering services for the evening. It was decided that a rustic style menu and community approach was to be created in terms of the food offering – with guests being suitably transported through the ages!

When it comes to the catering aspect of events, there are a multitude of caterers on the Island who we can speak to with regards to your wishes, food preferences and budget in ascertaining (and in turn, recommending) the best solution for your event.


Lights. Camera. Action. 🎬 The essence of entertainment is a crucial and powerful factor in making your event a memorable one. It encourages a positive atmosphere, enhances the mood, sparks connectivity within your guests and is a path in reflecting values and visions.

With White Collar Darts we wanted to create a fun fueled evening that not only, encapsulated the entertainment of a professional darts event but also matched the Charitable purpose of the event. Through the competitive nature of the darts tournament, the most incredible player walk-ons, AV effects, fundraising initiatives and the ever perfect performance of Lauren Ivy and The Engine we ensure our audience remained enraptured throughout.

Entertainment at an event has to be carefully selected, well structured and coalesce with your audience in order to make the desired impact. Finding creative ways to stimulate your audience can attach to desired emotions and provide a priceless platform in creating future connections.

Good Times 🧡

An evolutionary experience, an incredible journey and one that will forever be remembered … In the words of the late Jim Bowen, it’s been “Super, smashing, great!!”

You can re-live the excitement of Brighter Futures White Collar Darts 2020 in the after-movie here – or alternatively the post-event magazine

The next #bfwhitecollardarts at the RJA has been provisionally booked at the on Saturday 25th September 2021 – for more theatre, emotion, darting drama and fantastic fundraising for Brighter Futures. Of course, all events are currently at the hands of Government guidelines, but should you wish for express an interest in becoming one of the sixteen players, please do so on the online application form here – 🎯

Create your charity events and fundraisers with Island Fever.

Email – Phone – 07797826550

✍️ Gareth.


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