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The man behind the peacock 🦚



I had a fun shoot with the terrifically talented Jersey photographer, Oliver Doran last year, so I figured I’d show my event and wedding planner face, whilst sharing a few facts about myself. For those who don’t know me, my name is Gareth and I am the man behind the Island Fever brand. Hello & Bonjour!

I founded Island Fever just over two years ago now with the intention of creating exceptional experiences for my clients and bringing our Island together through the wonderful world of events. It’s been a fantastic whirlwind of a time so far (well last year was rather eurghh) but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My approach has always been to create bespoke events and weddings which encapsulate my clients personalities and showcase their vision. No celebration ever deserves to be dull – you need the event to purr 🦁 and ignite the senses in order for it to be memorable.

🤩 My favourite part of being an event & wedding planner is seeing our vision come to life. From concept to creation, through the highs and lows or over whatever hurdle you might come across seeing all the guests having a great time makes it all worth it.

🎯 I would say the event I am most proud of so far was in partnership with Brighter Futures crafting the concept behind White Collar Darts for them. Considering it was a mammoth initiative that had never been rolled out anywhere before, the creativity and attention to detail that went into it had to be of the highest degree. It was a fantastic achievement for it to become the success that it was… and roll on 2021!

🙅‍♂️ I am certainly not a 9-5 kinda guy. I need that flexibility to thrive.

🌍 Always up for an adventure. Having spent two years travelling across many continents I am as equally content sleeping in an Indian desert being woken up by a rogue camel as I am swanning around a city. Stick a pin in the map and I would likely have very little hesitation going there!

🧡 Ambassador the local family Charity Brighter Futures. Through creating experiences we help raise valuable funds and share their vision

🏇I have been the handicapper for Jersey Racing since 2014 so being analytically astute, having an eye for detail and nimble with your numbers is a necessity!

🌶️ When not sizzling up experiences, I enjoy a spot of cookery. You can’t beat a bit of of spice too.

✍️ Always creative. Whether it be designing event posters and stationary or writing blog articles.

🎩 Dapper since 1991.

🦉Certified night owl.

Love any excuse to party! You can’t be a good party planner, without enjoy a good party too right? #partylikeapeacock 🕺🏻

💭 “Do what you love and do it well.” A simple yet cracking little quote – if you genuinely really enjoy what you’re do, then is it really work anyway? I’m a big believer in chasing those aspirations and never playing it safe. If you’re truly passionate about something, then the success will follow.

Anyway that’s it from me! Thanks to everyone’s support for my business and we look to creating many an incredible celebration with you soon. What about you? You can always drop me a line to say hi 👋

Oh, and be sure to check out our new event & wedding hire collection too. We diversified our company to incorporate event & wedding styling items in the autumn, so we have some luxury hire items ready to roll out for you guys!

Email – Phone – 07797826550

✍️ Gareth.


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